K2 Cinch TC Snowboard Bindings 2020

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K2 Cinch TC Snowboard Bindings 2020 K2 Cinch TC Snowboard Bindings 2020
K2 Cinch TC Snowboard Bindings 2020


For people looking for speedy exit from the top of the chair lift look no further

This binding is the stiffer of the two step-in bindings that K2 make for those who have only one style of riding: hard. Performance features such as the Caddi strap and GF ProFusion chassis mean your movements are directed straight to the board. The Cinch step in system is easy to get your boot in as the straps move out of the way as you slide your foot in. Next time you go on holiday it'll be your skier friends left behind at the top of the lift.

The Best Bits

Cinch Technology

is an easy to use step-in system that can also be used like traditional bindings.

GF ProFusion Chassis

provides strong, lightweight performance.

Caddi Ankle Strap

blends comfort and performance with soft padding and PU laminate reinforcement.

3-degree Canted Footbed

is angled to match the angle your foot makes with the board, reducing stress on your feet.

AT Nylon Highback

is durable and perfect for all-mountain riding.

Perfect Fit 2.0 Toe Strap

gives you great movement transfer and no slippage whatever your boot shape.



K2 Cinch TC Snowboard Bindings 2020


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