K2 Line Up Snowboard Bindings

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K2 Line Up Snowboard Bindings K2 Line Up Snowboard Bindings K2 Line Up Snowboard Bindings
K2 Line Up Snowboard Bindings


A surf-inspired, soft flexing binding that lets you express your style

Surfers don't have the big boots and bindings that snowboarders do so their ankles can flex freely allowing them to express their style. K2 have tried to channel that idea in the 2020 Line-up. The Tweekback highback and the Bender Ankle strap allow for a much bigger range of movement and expression when buttering, grabbing or surfing snow waves. If you want some more precise feel, no worries the TriPod base can be tuned to your needs.

The Best Bits

Tuneable TriPod Chassis

transfers your weight to the board through three contact points (that match the ones on your foot) and have changeable bushings to customise performance.

3-degree Canted Footbed

is angled to match the angle your foot makes with the board, reducing stress on your feet.

Opti Tweekback Highback

is constructed using plastics that can still flex in low temperatures.

Bender Ankle Strap

is designed to give you freedom of movement for freestyle mobility.

Perfect Fit 2.0 Toe Strap

gives you great movement transfer and no slippage whatever your boot shape.

Hinge Mount ankle straps

mean you can get your foot into the binding without standing on the straps.

Minidisc base plates

allow the board to flex as designed 100% Tool-Less Adjustment for making quick adjustments on the go.


K2 Line Up Snowboard Bindings


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