K2 Mindbender 108Ti Skis 2020

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Big mountain beast that will eat up steep lines for breakfast.

K2 Mindbender 108Ti Skis 2020 K2 Mindbender 108Ti Skis 2020
K2 Mindbender 108Ti Skis 2020


Big mountain beast that will eat up steep lines for breakfast.

The Mindbender 108ti Skis are designed for deep pow and steep lines. K2’s proprietary Titanal Y-Beam provides stability with excellent manoeuvreability even when the line gets steep and Powerwall construction allows for precision skiing for pinpoint accuracy when it gets techy. K2 features that provide you with a big mountain charger that can handle any mountain, anywhere.

The Best Bits

All-Terrain Rocker

gradual rise to the tip for versatility in all conditions with a low rise in the tail for added control.

Torsion Control Design

combines a progressive torsional flex, with a balanced and even longitudinal profile. Torsionally stiffest in the forebody and centre of the ski, then easing throughout the tail, designed to enhance stability and control in all snow types.

Titanal Y-Beam

delivers precision in the forebody of the ski, power underfoot and stability in the tail, all while maintaining the manoeuvreability and drift control needed for freeride ripping. Precision cut titanal in a ‘Y’ shape alters the torsional stiffness of the ski while maintaining a balanced, even flex pattern that delivers power in a controlled manner throughout the length of the ski.


power transfer is dramatically enhanced with the oversized ABS sidewalls that are laminated and pocketed within the wood core in the midbody of the ski. With the sidewall extending into the heart of the ski, the transmission of energy from skier to ski edge is direct and precise.

Fir/Aspen Hybrid Core

energetic, tough, dense fir wood combined with Aspen for a lightweight resilient core that absorbs impact.

Powder, freeride, big mountain skis.


K2 Mindbender 108Ti Skis 2020
Ability Level
Intermediate, Advanced
Side Cut
Turn Radius
Waist Width
Camber - Tip Rocker


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