K2 Mindbender 85 Skis

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Start your journey to freeride guru.
K2 Mindbender 85 Skis K2 Mindbender 85 Skis
K2 Mindbender 85 Skis


Start your journey to freeride guru.

The K2 Mindbender 85 Skis are where it begins for budding big mountain riders. If you lack experience but want to get out and explore more of the mountain then this is the ski for you. High-performance tech for a stable and responsive ski to help add progression, onwards and upwards the peaks await. Designed to be easy, intuitive, but stable enough to encourage that next step, the Mindbender 85 is the ticket to brain expansion.

The Best Bits

All-Terrain Rocker

gradual rise to the tip for versatility in all conditions with a low rise in the tail for added control.

Torsion Control Design

combines a progressive torsional flex, with a balanced and even longitudinal profile. Torsionally stiffest in the forebody and centre of the ski, then easing throughout the tail, designed to enhance stability and control in all snow types. 

Slantwall sidewall

increases a ski's agility and responsiveness while maintaining accuracy and power.

Aspen Core

lightweight and resilient, great all-around material.

Freeride, piste, moguls skis.


K2 Mindbender 85 Skis


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