Line Wallischstick Ski Poles

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Line Wallischstick Ski Poles
Line Wallischstick Ski Poles


Tom Wallisch pro-model ski poles

The poles that pro rider Tom Wallisch uses to win medals and set records. These freestyle/park orientated ski poles offer a super-grippy BMX style handle and Grab Tabs that makes it super easy to pull off your grabs without losing your sticks. With rave reviews and a sick colourway what are you waiting for?

The Best Bits

Pole material

6061 Aluminium, lightweight and solid as.

Grip and diameter

BMX style grip, 25mm in diameter.

Pole basket

60mm Screw Off baskets.

Grab Tab™

to keep poles in your hands when styling out grabs even in the wettest, coldest, slipperiest conditions.

Ergonomic and adjustable straps.


Line Wallischstick Ski Poles


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