Marker Consort 2.0 Women's Helmet

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Marker Consort 2.0 Women's Helmet Marker Consort 2.0 Women's Helmet Marker Consort 2.0 Women's Helmet Marker Consort 2.0 Women's Helmet
Marker Consort 2.0 Women's Helmet


The women's Marker Consort is a stylish jack-of-all-trades helmet, as much at home on the groomer as it is out of bounds. The double In-Mould construction makes it the ideal for all-mountain use in an extremely wide range of conditions.

Known for being super-light, In-Mould helmets feature an extremely stable construction, formed by compression moulding an impact-resistant, rigid EPS core into a durable polycarbonate shell. This creates an inseparable bond between the shell and the impact dampening material. All Marker In-Mould Shell helmets have an additional polycarbonate plate on the lower lip for extra protection in the event of a side impact. This also protects the helmet against dings and dents during transport or daily usage.

The ventilation can be controlled using the adjustable 2-Position Climate Control switch which allows you to fully open, partially open or close the vents. Designed for ease of use even with gloves on and while on the go, the slider allows you to control the air flow to match your warmth. This is designed to work in tandem with the MarkAIR Channel venting system. One of the most advanced temperature regulation system available, it consists of a network of vents in the shell which direct air through milled channels in the EPS foam. This helps to regulate temperature by drawing moisture and hot air away from the wearer's head and exhausting it at the back of the helmet. It also has the added benefit of drawing warm, moist air from the top of the goggles, significantly reducing lens fogging.

Marker's Rotate-to-Size system allows you to adapt the fit of the helmet by rotating the integrated dial to tighten or loosen the fit. This not only increases your comfort but also ensure you have a perfect snug fit.

The fully removeable Volume fleece lining ensures optimal thermal efficiency. The fleece fibres regulate your temperature by insulating you against cold or in the event of excessive heat, radiates it towards the helmet exterior. While and moisture or perspiration is wicked outwards to prevent hypercooling.

The Fidlock OG closure features a magnetic slider mechanism that can be opened and closed with one hand. This helps to ensure a secure hold in the event of a crash, yet can be operated quickly and easily even while wearing gloves. As a bonus, the closure is designed to guard against pinching your skin.

The ergonomic design of the removable ear padding ensures a comfortable fit with good thermal insulation. All ear pads are also audio compatible, allowing them to work with your MP3 player or mobile phone.

In the event of a powder bail, the Goggle Lock cord holds your goggles firmly in place. Even if they fall off your face they lock keeps them attached to your helmet.



· In-Mould Construction

· MarkAIR Channel Ventilation System

· Air Jam Climate Control

· Edge Protection

· RTS Fit System

· Volume Fleece Lining

· Fidlock OG Snap Closure

· Removable Earpads

· Audio Compatible

· Goggle Safety Lock


Marker Consort 2.0 Women's Helmet


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