Marker Duke EPF 16 2018 Ski Bindings

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Marker Duke EPF 16 2018 Ski Bindings Marker Duke EPF 16 2018 Ski Bindings
Marker Duke EPF 16 2018 Ski Bindings



Arguably one the most aggressive and robust ski touring binding of its type, the Marker Duke EPF boasts a DIN range of 6-16 - making it suitable for all but the gnarliest of backcountry skiers. If you're a seasoned freetourer and you're riding the sort of faces which require steadfast binding retention, then you'll struggle to find a binding more reliable than the Duke EPF.

Multi-faceted performance for any occasion

Everyone likes to get value for money, and with the Duke you get plenty of bang for your buck thanks to its ingenious “2-in-1” freetouring design. In its locked-out “ski” position, the Duke gives you all the descent performance you'd expect from any traditional alpine binding; secure boot hold, efficient power transfer and top-tier safety features. However, unlike an alpine binding, when the resort gets overcrowded you can unlock the heel, throw on some skins and hightail it out of there, into punter-free backcountry paradise in search of untracked powder.

Do you even backcountry bro?

When the time comes to dig deep and haul yourself skyward, the Duke EPF is loaded with what we like to call “BRTs” - that's Burden Reduction Technologies for all you laymen. One such feature is the Hollow Tech EPF frame. We know, it's a mouthful, but it's essentially two features in one so bear with us. Marker's Extended Power Frame, or EPF for short, gives the binding a footprint 46mm wider that non-EPF models, dramatically improving power transfer and response time on skis with waist widths of 89mm and above. As for the Hollow Tech - Marker uses gas injection moulding to create a hollow frame, shaving unnecessary bulk from the binding's overall weight and ensuring a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Who it's for

What more can we say about the Duke, well, if gentle inclines, breath-taking vistas and leisurely descents are your thing then it's probably not for you - it's a bit of an animal. If, however, your ascents are all about summiting quickly, and squeezing as many storming descents as possible out of the day, then you can't really go wrong with the Duke. It's a super-tough freetouring binding for unrelenting environments - the sort of environments where you can't afford for your kit to malfunction.

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The Best Bits


  • Magnesium components
  • Hollow Tech
  • Extended Power Frame
  • AFD gliding toe plate
  • Inter Pivot heel
  • Backcountry functionality
  • Sole.ID
  • Power width design
  • 0°, 7° & 13° climbing aid
  • Triple Pivot Elite toe
  • Crampon compatible


Marker Duke EPF 16 2018 Ski Bindings
DIN Range
6 - 16


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