Nidecker Liberty Hybrid Camber Snowboard

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Nidecker Liberty Hybrid Camber Snowboard Nidecker Liberty Hybrid Camber Snowboard
Nidecker Liberty Hybrid Camber Snowboard


An iconic graphic with a special history, this board has landlocked soul surfers in mind.

A legendary graphic that first appeared on one of their boards in 1986. This re-worked edition of a classic has all the retro stylings combined with modern tech and materials. If you, like the guys at Nidecker, snowboard because you can’t surf where you live, this is the board for you. This Liberty is designed to cruise and cut smooth surfy turns wherever you are, on or off-piste, champagne powder, crisp corduroy or pure spring slush.

This board is all about having fun but will not back out of a tough line. It’s super fast with the N-9000 base and ultra-strong and poppy with Nideckers Master Core. With a fishtail and their Surfy Camrock profile, which is positive camber under and between the feet with a long spoony rocker in the nose for ultimate carving.

If you are a snow surfer looking for a good time whilst looking good, this is the one for you.

The Best Bits

Premium Sandwich construction kicks the power and response up a gear, utilising advanced materials such as Carbon and Kevlar giving you plenty of pop and shock absorption

Absorbnid top sheet designed with absorbing nasty vibrations in mind, making for a chatter-free, smooth experience leaving you less fatigued so you can play for longer

Master Core is a harmony of different wood types each with different densities resulting in an ultra-strong, super responsive and lightweight core

N-9000 base which is designed to absorb wax and hold it in for longer, meaning less frequent maintenance and incredible durability


Nidecker Liberty Hybrid Camber Snowboard


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