Nidecker Rave Positive Camber Snowboard

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Nidecker Rave Positive Camber Snowboard Nidecker Rave Positive Camber Snowboard
Nidecker Rave Positive Camber Snowboard


The all-mountain mastery that we’re raving about.

If you can only have one board, this should be in your shortlist of choice. Nidecker calls it “the ultimate in all-mountain performance” and we believe them. It’s jam-packed full of tech and has been shaped specifically for everyday satisfaction, with their R8 Sidecuts built exactly for that.

It’s positive camber between the feet, blending into the rocker sections in the nose and tail. It’s got Nideckers lightest core that’s full of pop and is super responsive whilst being hard-wearing. The Rave also features their fastest base - they’ve basically thrown everything at this board and it shows. If you’re looking for one board to rule them all, stop your search here.

The Best Bits

Revolutionary N-Tech construction

Absorbnid top sheet designed with absorbing nasty vibrations in mind, making for a chatter-free, smooth experience leaving you less fatigued so you can play for longer

Light Core, the lightest they make, composed of 3 different types of wood giving you a super lightweight board with plenty of pop, responsiveness and durability

N-9000 base made up of carbon nanoparticles, producing the fastest and most durable base they’ve ever made

Freeflex 3.0 technology that replaces the wood and fibreglass in the nose and tail of the board with lighter and stronger materials, significantly reducing the weight of the board and the bad vibrations at speed


Nidecker Rave Positive Camber Snowboard


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