Nitro Nomad Splitboard 2020

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Satisfy your adventure needs with the affordable Nomad.
Nitro Nomad Splitboard 2020
Nitro Nomad Splitboard 2020


Satisfy your adventure needs with the affordable Nomad.

The Nomad Splitboard 2020 is designed to be the most affordable splitboard on the market, without sacrificing any technology, to get you out into the backcountry and open up a whole new world of possibilities. Equipped with Nitro's Flat-Out Rocker and critically acclaimed Power Pods, the Nomad allows you to ride anything with style and ease while having edge grip that can guide you out of any tricky or icy situation. If you're just getting started on your splitboard journey then this is an ideal first board that won't break the bank. It will offer you a supportive ride and give you the confidence needed to become a backcountry beast.

The Best Bits

Directional splitboard shape

floats with ease and has great agility.

Flat-Out rocker

a hybrid flat camber profile where the nose and tail lift off before the traditional contact points, providing effortless turns, and catch-free manoeuvres.


provides stability when you need it.

All-terrain flex

plenty of pop with a smooth response for shredding across the mountain.

Radial sidecut

a single radius makes this sidecut extremely versatile and predictable.

Power pods

extended width under the bindings provides additional edge control and board turning performance. 


poplar wood core from tip to tail providing a perfect blend of response, flex and feel.

Bi-lite laminates

engineered for a powerful riding style and a refined board-feel.

Premium extruded FH base

a base that offers durability, speed, and low maintenance giving you a smooth-running ride all season long.

Tip and tail locks

supportive and solid.

Forged T7075 aluminium hooks

strong and reliable. 

Voile compatible insert pattern.


Nitro Nomad Splitboard 2020


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