Nitro TEAM Snowboard Bindings

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The team favourite thanks to its fit, comfort, and overall performance.
Nitro TEAM Snowboard Bindings Nitro TEAM Snowboard Bindings Nitro TEAM Snowboard Bindings
Nitro TEAM Snowboard Bindings


The team favourite thanks to its fit, comfort, and overall performance.

The Nitro Team Snowboard Binding is a pro favourite because of the boot hugging fit and freestyle oriented flex, topped off with Nitro's durable technology features. This binding is at home ripping in the park, shredding backcountry lines, blasting banked slaloms and cruising groomers, a truly versatile all-mountain binding.

Built to offer the perfect blend of strength, comfort, and flex to allow for pro-level progression no matter the weather conditions. The Stealth Air base frame and 3° Canted footbed with Air Dampening provide great support and comfort eliminating the fatigue caused by chatter and heavy landings, allowing you to shred for longer. The new Übergrip Toe Strap by Vibram and Cable Reinforced connectors and ladders offer the durability and foothold needed for charging all over the mountain with confidence. If you're looking for a binding that can handle it all and keep you comfortable on long days then look no further than the Team binding from Nitro.

The Best Bits

Stealth Air base frame

a two-piece base frame with an adjustable aluminium heel cup, for the perfect fit to your boot.

Asym Jet highback

provides a little more pressure on the outside to initiate tricks and turns a little bit easier.

Air dampening

lightweight shock-absorbing technology that cushions landings so you can ride in comfort day after day and land jump after jump.

3° canted footbed

to keep your knees and body in the most natural and ergonomic position so you can ride in comfort for longer.

2x4 mini disc with angle lock feature

a smaller imprint on the board creates less dead space allowing the board to flex naturally. Angle lock feature means you can set your binding angle securely before mounting for easy consistent setup.

Board saver technology

protects the topsheet against compressions.

Premium comfort ankle straps

thin ankle strap that offers a forgiving feel when tweaking grabs or hitting rails and eliminates pressure points.

Übergrip toe strap

durable and with amazing grip giving you a sure foothold and the confidence that your toe straps will stay put even when you're shredding hard on long sessions.

Cable reinforced connector

over-moulded stainless steel cables inside of the ratchets and connector straps work to prevent stretch and breakage.

Aluminium speedwheel buckles

a strong and light aluminum lever combined with a smooth polymer Speedwheel. No slip, wear or tear when you're killing it in the park.

Easy entry buckles and ratchets

s-curved ratchet straps stay out of your way when stepping into the binding and the wide-mouth buckle funnel helps you guide the ratchet for a quick and easy strap in.


Nitro TEAM Snowboard Bindings


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