O'Brien The Fix Wakeboard 2019

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Get your fix of flex - a big board that's built for everything in the park
O'Brien The Fix Wakeboard 2019 O'Brien The Fix Wakeboard 2019
O'Brien The Fix Wakeboard 2019


Get your fix of flex - a big board that's built for everything in the park

O'Brien's 2019 The Fix Wakeboard is back, and it's better, and bigger, than ever. This powerhouse of the cable park is built for big flex and locked-in rail sessions. It's Max Van Helvoort's pro model - built to push your boundaries in the park and maximise your progression every day.

Bigger and better than ever

When it comes to park boards, the trend is "Bigger is Better" and that's exactly what Max wanted in his new Pro Model. Coming in a 142, 146, 150 and 154, The Fix may be the most fun board out of O'Brien's factory. Its fast, yet relaxed feel on the water minimises fatigue and helps you perform at your best all day long. Feel free to crank into kickers and push the boundaries of the sport like Max or get super technical on rails by using that extra length and ex to take your presses even further… as well as soften your landings.

Revolutionary park riding

With a V-Loc tip and tail, slightly concave belly and relatively "skinny stance," 2019 The Fix will take your rail game to new levels; making it easy to lock into presses, control your position on rails and keep your style on point. The revolution in park riding is here, so come get your Fix.

The vital stats...

142 146 150 154
Length 142cm / 56" 146cm / 57.4" 150cm / 59" 154cm / 60.6"
Width 43.6cm / 17.2" 43.6cm/ 17.2" 43.9cm / 17.3" 43.9cm / 17.3"
Rocker 2.9 Progressive 3.1 Progressive 3.3 Progressive 3.4 Progressive
Stance 20 22 24 20 22 24 21 23 25 21 23 25
WT. Range Up to 220 lbs Up to 240 lbs 150+ lbs 160+ lbs
Fins Blunt 0.8 Blunt 0.8 Blunt 0.8 Blunt 0.8

The Best Bits

The best bits…

  • A big-flexing powerhouse of a park board for pressing and everything else
  • Pro series built exclusively for O'Brien's Signature Team Athletes
  • Flex Tech - explodes off the water, softens landings, and presses features with ease
  • Fully sintered high-density polyethylene Impact Base that holds up to seasons of shredding
  • O'Brien Wood Core - crafted from 100% Paulownia wood for a natural flex
  • Progressive Rocker for fast riding and vertical pop
  • Impact resistant Durarail protects your core from jibs, jabs, rails, rocks, docks…


O'Brien The Fix Wakeboard 2019


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