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Oakley Flight Deck Replacement Goggle Lens

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Oakley Flight Deck Replacement Goggle Lens Oakley Flight Deck Replacement Goggle Lens
Oakley Flight Deck Replacement Goggle Lens


Find the perfect partner for you Flight Deck frame

Oakley offers a huge range of replacement lenses for your Flight Deck goggles to ensure that no matter what nature has in store for you you're covered for any light condition. For more information on what tint or light transmission best suits your needs click here for our lens guide.

FYI, this particular lens is specific to the Oakley Flight Deck and cannot be used with any other model of goggle, including the Flight Deck XM.

Oakley's industry-leading goggle lens construction

All Flight Deck replacement lenses are made from Oakley's premium, polycarbonate based, Plutonite material which blocks 100% of all UV radiation wavelengths. In addition to this all Oakley lenses are put through rigorous testing to guarantee an uncompromising level of protection against high-mass and high-velocity impact which no other brand of lens offers. Because of this the only thing you need to worry about is your turns, safe in the knowledge that the health and wellbeing of your eyes is taken care of.

Awesome anti-fog

They also feature a dual-vented, double layer design. This creates a “double-glazing” effect whereby the air between the lenses acts as a buffer against the cold external air and the warm inner air. Coupled with a proprietary F3 Anti-fog coating these lenses are great at inhibiting fog and misting.

Experience the magic of Oakley's Prizm lens technology

Visibility on the mountain can vary wildly, from flat light blizzards to blindingly bright sunlight and everything in between so in Winter 2014/15 Oakley introduced their new Prizm lens technology. After years of analysing snow pack in varying conditions, Oakley discovered that all light from the spectrum, except blue and orange, is absorbed. This means they were able to fine tune their Prizm lens to allow as much blue and orange light transmission as possible. The result is unrivalled depth of field and contrast in the snow, meaning you can pick out and avoid ruts, bumps and moguls with ease no matter the light condition.

Each lens is relatively easy to change, but please use care when doing so as scratched lenses cannot be returned under warranty.

The Best Bits

Compatible only with Oakley Flight Deck goggle frame

Variety of options to suit different levels of visibility

Cutting-edge Prizm lens technology (select colourways only)

Anti-fog double-layer design

100% UV-blocking

Super-durable construction


Oakley Flight Deck Replacement Goggle Lens


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