Patagonia R5 Yulex Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit 2020

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Patagonia's warmest wetsuit offers top-level, planet-friendly performance.

Patagonia R5 Yulex Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit 2020 Patagonia R5 Yulex Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit 2020 Patagonia R5 Yulex Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit 2020 Patagonia R5 Yulex Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit 2020
Patagonia R5 Yulex Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit 2020


Patagonia's warmest wetsuit offers top-level, planet-friendly performance.

The 2020 Patagonia R5 Yulex Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit is upgraded with new Yulex for greater stretch and warmth so that even the coldest days don't stop you surfing. Designed for water temps of 0-3°C, the R5 has 6.5mm Yulex in the torso and thighs, 5mm in the arms and legs, and 4.5mm in the hood. And if that's not enough to keep you warm in close-to-freezing water, it's backed up with thermal lining in key areas, and high-stretch polyester to keep your arms and legs warm without restricting your paddling.

Patagonia's wetsuits are super durable. All the seams are triple glued, internally taped and then 100% liquid sealed to make sure they stand the test of time and keep that icy water away from your body. Supratex kneepads and ankle cuffs add durability, whilst the adjustable hood keeps your noggin cosy. Patagonia seals you in with their floating asymmetric chest closure that's really watertight, with a replaceable corrosion-proof Salmi zipper.

If you're after warmth in the coldest waters, you can't go wrong with the planet-friendly Patagonia R5 Yulex Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit.

The Best Bits

85% planet-friendly Yulex rubber

construction is sourced from FSC Certified sources and processed to create Patagonia’s stretchiest rubber yet.

15% synthetic rubber content

is mixed in to further improve the longevity and durability of the wetsuit. Fast-drying inverted microgrid thermal lining in torso and thighs. Made from recycled polyester and elastane.

Super warm lining

dries rapidly and insulates effectively, whilst offering excellent flexibility. Water-resistant 100% recycled polyester jersey lining in arms and legs. This flexible lining is laminated with solvent-free AquaA glue and as with all wetsuit tech – it dries fast.

Durable, water-resistant face fabric

contains an 85% recycled polyester/15% elastane blend that doesn’t inhibit the rubber’s stretch and sheds water quickly. 100% external liquid seam-sealed and internally taped GBS seams offer the best durability in almost any wetsuit we sell. Patagonia’s suits aren’t just built for a season, they're built to last.

Anatomic Supratex Knee Pads and ankle cuffs

increase the suits durability at key points and seal out flush.

Corrosion-proof Salmi asymmetric chest zipper

Patagonia uses a replaceable zipper design that provides a super seal from the sea.

Easy-access key loop

securely stashes your housekeys during the session. Not recommended for electronic key fobs though.

6.5mm rubber in torso and thighs

for increased warmth in the core areas of the body.

5mm rubber in arms/legs

improves flexibility in areas that need to move a bit more freely.

4.5mm Hood

adjustable opening with cord lock for a custom fit.

Size Guide

Find Patagonia Men's Wetsuit Size Guide below:

XS 5'6"-5'8" 120-140 34½-36½ 28½-30½ 33½-35½ 14½ 26-28
S 5'8"-5'10" 135-155 36½-38½ 29-31 34-36 15 27-29
MS 5'6½"-5'8½" 140-160 38½-40½ 30½-32½ 35½-37½ 15½ 27-29
M 5'9"-5'11" 150-170 38½-40½ 30½-32½ 35½-37½ 15½ 28-30
MT 6'1"-6'3" 160-180 38½-40½ 30½-32½ 35½-37½ 15½ 30-32
LS 5'7½"-5'9½" 160-180 40½-42½ 32½-34½ 37½-39½ 16 28-30
L 5'10"-6' 170-190 40½-42½ 32½-34½ 37½-39½ 16 30-32
LT 6'2"-6'4" 180-200 40½-42½ 32½-34½ 37½-39½ 16 31-33
XLS 5'8½"-5'10½" 180-200 42½-44½ 34½-36½ 39½-41½ 16½ 30-32
XL 5'11"-6'1" 190-210 42½-44½ 34½-36½ 39½-41½ 16½ 31-33
XLT 6'4"-6'5" 200-220 42½-44½ 34½-36½ 39½-41½ 16½ 32-34
XXL 6'2'-6'4" 210-230 42½-46½ 36½-38½ 41½-43½ 17 31-33
XXXL 6'3"-6'5" 230-250 44½-48½ 38½-40½ 43½-45½ 17½ 31-33

Buying Guide

Not sure what these Yulex wetsuits are all about? Read all about natural rubber in our Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit Buying Guide.


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