Poler The Shaggy Napsack

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A warm and furry wearable sleeping bag
Poler The Shaggy Napsack Poler The Shaggy Napsack
Poler The Shaggy Napsack


A warm and furry wearable sleeping bag

Want to take that warm and cozy feeling to the next level? Does being bundled in puppies, pillows, and pajamas, while floating on a cloud sound nice? Well, the latest Shaggy Napsack from Poler Stuff aims to do just that. It's a step up from the regular Poler Napsack, with additional thickness, a super soft pile, and faux furry lining to maximize warmth and comfort.

Wear it anywhere for that cosy comfort

Like the regular Napsack, The Shaggy Napsack is great for campfires, outdoor stargazing, and lounging around the house on the sofa. The zippered shoulders allow the free use of your arms when you're lounging, while the drawcord bottom can be opened so you can roll up the Napsack's bottom and cinch it around your waist, in order to stand and walk around.

Ready to snooze at the draw of a string

When you're ready to sleep, pull the Shaggy Napsack bottom down around your feet and cinch the drawcord, and suddenly you're back in an ultra-warm and comfy sleeping bag.

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The Best Bits

The Best Bits...

  • Fuzzy and warm, wearable design
  • Comfort rated to 50 degrees Fahrenheit/10 degrees Celsius
  • Durable 100% polyester construction
  • Handy 18” (45cm) x 8” (20cm) stuffsack included


Poler The Shaggy Napsack


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