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Price Match

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Price Match Banner


It's our aim to be able to offer you the most competitive price, so if another retailer in UK or Europe (selling in Euros) has a lower advertised final price than ours, we'll do our best to beat it.


What you need to find to make a price match:

The same year

The same colour

The same size

The same condition

In-stock on a competitor’s site

Must be a European-based online authorised retailer with actual stock

Price match products must be sold by a licensed, EU-based online retailer, who buys directly from the manufacturer. These retailers can honour manufacturer warranties, collect insider knowledge and ensure the product is not second-hand or a knock-off. We exclude 3rd party sites such as eBay and Amazon if the seller is not a UK-based licensed dealer.


Maybe Freeze has the ski you want at £400 and while scouring the web you find the exact same skis from a licensed competitor for £380 (including all fees and shipping costs). Freeze would adjust your total to beat it. It’s that easy.


Please email with the title “Price Match Me” and include:

  • Brand
  • Product Name
  • Product size
  • Link to product
  • The final price they offer
  • Where you'd like the item to be shipped to (country)

If you're short on time or think that the product is likely to sell out, just email us first with the details then give us a call on 0131 260 9677 and we'll be happy to help.