Rome DOD Snowboard Bindings

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Rome DOD Snowboard Bindings Rome DOD Snowboard Bindings
Rome DOD Snowboard Bindings


Do Or Die, there is no try

Born in the park, raised in the alpine, the D.O.D. is never out of its element. Equally comfortable picking lines in the woods as they are picking apart park features, the D.O.D. is the bread and butter of Rome's binding collection. Built on Full UnderWrap platform and loaded with AntiShock 2.0 Highbacks, these working-class heroes have got your back whether you’re squaring up to a heavy down flat down or just taking speed all damn day.

The Best Bits

Yes, I can't technology

Full highback rotation

AntiShock 2.0 highback

V-Rod baseplate

UnderWrap.3 heel hoop

Ultralight ankle strap

ConformGrip 2.0 toe strap

EVA SubBase pad


Rome DOD Snowboard Bindings


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