Rome Gang Plank Reverse Camber Snowboard

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Rome Gang Plank Reverse Camber Snowboard Rome Gang Plank Reverse Camber Snowboard
Rome Gang Plank Reverse Camber Snowboard


The buttery-smooth freestyle freakshow

Build for riders that see side hits and transitions around every turn, the Gang Plank is an opportunistic all-mountain pillager. With enough flex and float to pop a front three into powder, but plenty of pressable power to lay waste to the par, the Gang Plank keeps the good times rolling long after the music stops. With a true twin shape and Contact Rocker camber profile, you’re never out of your element with the Gang Plank.


The Best Bits

HotRods: Bamboo Single Barrel

Thin rods are milled into the core of the boards; these provide extraordinary levels of targeted snap and pop within any given board. Available in carbon, glass and bamboo, each variation of HotRods has different flex properties and is suited for different styles of riding and complimentary board flexes.

SinterTrue Base

QuickRip Sidecut

Rome created QuickRip Sidecut to bring added power and precision to the inherently looser feel that their rockered boards have. Additional edge response at higher speeds, additional manoeuvrability at slow speeds.

Rebound Sidewalls

built with an elastomeric compound that absorbs impact associated with park features, these sidewalls help boards last longer and ride more smoothly overall.

Glasspack Impact Plates

Pop Core Matrix

StraightBiax Laminate


Rome Gang Plank Reverse Camber Snowboard


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