Ronix District Wakeboard 2019

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A substantial space for adaptability - Ronix enters a district that's designed for fun
Ronix District Wakeboard 2019 Ronix District Wakeboard 2019
Ronix District Wakeboard 2019


A substantial space for adaptability - Ronix enters a district that's designed for fun

The 2019 District Wakeboard from Ronix takes a hybrid approach to the all-round boat wakeboard. This high-performance board is built for adaptability - providing a confident and locked-in feel whatever the wake. If you ride in varying conditions or need a board that'll work well for pretty much everyone, the 2019 District should be in your sights.

Adaptability and energy

The hugely adaptable shape is formed around Ronix's foam core, with a 3-Stage Rocker profile that provides the best of both worlds - smooth glide-speed and pop off the lip. Their 'Stored Energy' construction means the District won't feel twitchy and overly-lively - ideal for riders that appreciate a forgiving ride that'll benefit progression, rather than wipe-outs.

Firm grip and reliable release

The G&R (Grip and Release) base is designed to engage a solid-edge for increased grip - keep your ride going with subtle turns or cut out wide for a burst of stable speed. The base-shape is designed to release just as effortlessly, keeping your ride smooth and consistent. Feel more confident to jump on the gas or hit the brake - this series has the rare trait of adapting to your style of riding.

The Best Bits

The best bits…

  • Hugely adaptable boat-tow wakeboard for any riding style and every rider
  • Foam Modello core - light and stable
  • Stored Energy construction - releases flex consistently and gradually
  • Three-stage rocker feels like a nice ride straight away
  • Sharper rails provide bite and nimble transfers, ideal for wind-blown days when the chop picks up
  • Smooth glide-speed provides
  • Grip and Release base engages an edge but still releases effortlessly
  • Versatile Rockerline stays stable and retains pop
  • Increased Sidecut
  • Concave Bottom
  • Variable Rail engages and releases
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins for reliable hold
  • Chad Sharpe Pro Model

Size Guide

Check out the Ronix Wakeboard Sizing Guide below:

SIZE (cm) HEIGHT (in) STANCE (in) CENTER (in) SURFACE (in-squared) WEIGHT (lbs range)
133 2.7″ 19″-25″ 16.7″ 762 Up to 175 lbs
138 2.9″ 20″-26″ 16.9″ 810 Up to 185 lbs
143 3.0″ 21″-27″ 17.1″ 844 160 lbs and Up
148 3.2″ 22″-28″ 17.3″ 882 175 lbs and Up


Ronix District Wakeboard 2019


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