Rossignol Soul 7 HD Women's Skis 2019

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Fat enough to rip in pow, light enough to tour on if you like, but versatile enough to handle groomers when you have to
Rossignol Soul 7 HD Women's Skis 2019
Rossignol Soul 7 HD Women's Skis 2019


Fat enough to rip in pow, light enough to tour on if you like, but versatile enough to handle groomers when you have to

One of the most requested women's skis on the market and a consistent best-seller at Freeze, the Rossignol Soul 7 HD W is the ski for you if you tend to spend your time heading away from the crowds in search of steep and deep but you don't want to sacrifice hard snow performance. At 106mm underfoot it provides a stable and floaty platform for off-piste riding without compromising on its touring ability or on-piste performance. Sitting between mid-flex and stiff, the Soul 7 HD puts an emphasis on control and obedience but retains a subtle flex for absorbing ruts, bumps and moguls. Best suited for advanced intermediates and up who want a ski that charges, floats or tours the entire mountain.

Built around Rossignol's carbon alloy matrix core, comprised of Paulownia wood, known for is exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, wrapped with a basalt and carbon weave. This creates incredible power transfer, manoeuvrability and strength by increasing the torsional rigidity edge-to-edge while keeping the skis lightweight for enhanced agility and easier touring.

The ultra-durable minicap topsheet construction strengthens the top of the ski and provides a chip resistant finish for increased durability. The sidewalls of the skis are angled at a 30-degrees for improved impact deflection and enhancing edge control.

The Air Tip technology in the nose and tail features a cored-out honeycomb lattice design. This reduces the overall weight of the ski and dramatically reduces its swing weight (by almost 30%). This significantly enhances the Sky 7 HD's manoeuvrability, giving the ski an incredibly nimble feel. The reduced density in the nose and tail also centres the ski's weight underfoot which causes the tips to rise above the surface of the snow for truly effortless float.

A dampening elastic material in the nose helps to absorb dreaded “nose flap” at high speed and when skiing through crud. Located at the transition zone between the rocker and camber, the VAS polymer increases stability, control and snow contact in changing snow conditions by absorbing shock and feedback.

The Powder Turn rocker shape helps the ski achieve all mountain versatility and awesome float in powder. A longer, more progressively rockered tip helps to lift the nose in soft and powder snow while the tapered, more powerful tail digs in through soft snow, providing effortless steering with instant speed control. Traditional camber underfoot delivers power, precision and edge hold on icy and groomed slopes.

The Best Bits

The best bits...

  • Carbon Alloy Matrix Core
  • Minicap Sandwich Sidewall Construction
  • Basalt/Carbon Weave
  • Powder Turn Rocker
  • Air Tip
  • Free VAS


Rossignol Soul 7 HD Women's Skis 2019
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