Salomon Guardian MNC 13 S Ski Bindings 2018

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Salomon Guardian MNC 13 S Ski Bindings 2018 Salomon Guardian MNC 13 S Ski Bindings 2018 Salomon Guardian MNC 13 S Ski Bindings 2018
Salomon Guardian MNC 13 S Ski Bindings 2018


Combining Salomon's proven freeride performance with free-touring technology, the Guardian MNC 13 lets you access the backcountry under your own steam, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the busy resort. Boasting a DIN range of 4 to 13, they're ideal for most intermediate tourers and up.

Utilising a U-Power toe-piece, featuring an oversized interconnected power platform, to create direct power transmission from skier to ski and complemented by automatically adjusting toe wings for precision fit and snug hold around the boot, resulting in enhanced precision and safety.

The Hike and Ride slide lever lets you switch from walk to ski mode, and vice versa, with complete ease. Located behind the heel piece, with a bit of practice you can use the end of a ski pole to slide the lock open, releasing the heel without unclipping.

A low-profile chassis keeps your stand height to a minimum, creating increased terrain feedback and effortless leverage.

Self-retracting brakes tuck out of the way when the heel piece engaged, this keeps them out of the way when you're putting in a hard turn or, if you're that way inclined, skiing switch.

Manual toe height adjustment allows the binding to be adjusted for compatibility with different types and heights of Alpine boots. Additionally, the Guardian are Multi-Norm Certified (MNC) meaning they provide the same level of performance and guaranteed safety, whatever your boot norm you use. Topped off with a sliding AFD plate in the toe which assists release in a crash whether you're using a traditional alpine sole or a rubberised walk sole.


· Auto-Adjust Wings

· Hike and Ride Switch

· Low Profile Chassis

· Oversized Platform

· Sliding AFD Plate

· Self-Retracting Brake

· U-Power Toe

· Manual Toe Height Adjustment

· Multi-Norm Certified (MNC)

Due to Brand restrictions, we are unable to ship this product outwith Europe.


Salomon Guardian MNC 13 S Ski Bindings 2018
DIN Range
4 - 13


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