Salomon STH2 16 WTR Ski Bindings

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Salomon STH2 16 WTR Ski Bindings Salomon STH2 16 WTR Ski Bindings Salomon STH2 16 WTR Ski Bindings
Salomon STH2 16 WTR Ski Bindings


The Salomon WTR 16 provides incredible freeski performance through innovative design and construction. Boasting a DIN range of 7 to 16, it's best suited to advanced riders who ski aggressively in challenging terrain and conditions.

Time-proven and trusted, the 3D driver toe design creates effortless power transmission from skier to ski, whilst ensuring multidirectional release options when you take a tumble.

The toe wings are micro-adjustable for precision fit and hold, resulting in increased energy transmission and enhanced safety. This is complemented by the extra-long wing construction which results in better boot engagement as well as making it easier to step-in in deep snow and increasing lateral power.

The fixed XL stomp pedal and oversized platform ensures the best transmission from skier to ski and provide maximum edge-to-edge power.

A low-profile chassis keeps your stand height to a minimum, creating increased terrain feedback and effortless leverage.

The STH2 16's elastic travel technology works by allowing your boot to move subtly in the binding when you're charging, but is designed to release you when forces associated with a fall are exerted on the binding. This ensures a consistently smooth and safer ride.

Self-retracting brakes tuck out of the way when the heel piece engaged, this keeps them out of the way for park riding and eliminates hang ups on switch landings.

Transfer pads under the toe and heel units promote forgiveness in the binding by helping to dampen vibration and absorb shock through the ski.

Manual toe height adjustment allows the binding to be adjusted for compatibility with different types and height of Alpine boots, including Walk to Ride (WTR) sole units.


· Micro-Adjustable Wings

· XL Stomp Pedal

· Extra Long Toe Wings

· Low Profile Chassis

· Oversized Platform

· Elastic Travel

· Self-Retracting Brake

· 3D Driver Toe

· Manual Toe Height Adjustment

· Heavy Duty Heel Piece

· WTR (Walk To Ride)

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Salomon STH2 16 WTR Ski Bindings
DIN Range
7 - 16
Individual Weight


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