Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses

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Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses
Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses


Like noise cancelling headphones for your eyes

Smith have updated their classic frame to create the eco-friendly Lowdown 2 sunglasses which will enhance clarity and natural colour like you've never seen. And you'll always be able to see out of the lenses because the sticky megol nose pads keep these sunglasses right where you need them.


Great days in the water, dirt, and snow are made better when we protect the environment as well. By utilizing a new material called Rilsan Clear, Smith have created lightweight, durable, and fully transparent sunglass frames that are over 53% bio-based.

Superior Frame technology

Smith's Lowdown 2 is mixed with the bio based material Rilsan Clear which is better for the environment that we love. The glasses are fitted with a hydrophilic megnol nose pad which keeps them in place on the nose of the wearer. This material gently grips to the skin and helps to keep the Lowdown 2's in place.

Superior Lens technology

Smith's polarisation technology filters out 99.9% of 'visual static' caused by glare off of snow, water and asphalt. The glasses are coated with a hydroleophobic coating which repels moisture, grease and grime. This barrier beads water off of the frames and lenses without streaking. The hydroleophobic coating also makes easy work of fingerprints and smudges which can be wiped off easily. Lowdown 2's are fitted with ChromaPop lenses which have been awarded the title of most advanced polarised lenses in the world. The ChromaPop lenses will block colour wave intersections as they pass through the lens which eliminates colour confusion and allows you to see natural colours, maximising your visual experience. The anti-reflective coating backs up the ChromaPop lenses by eliminating sidelight reflections.

The best bits…

  • ChromaPop Lenses
  • Anti-reflective and hydroleophobic lens coatings
  • Megol nose pads
  • Evolve eco-friendly frame material
  • 4 base lens curvature
  • Auto-lock hinges


Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses


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