Soto Stormbreaker Stove

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A duel fuel camping stove that can handle the harshest conditions.

Soto Stormbreaker Stove
Soto Stormbreaker Stove


A duel fuel camping stove that can handle the harshest conditions.

The Soto Stormbreaker Stove is a duel fuel camping stove that offers efficiency, easy-care, and superior wind resistance. Designed to be used with liquid or gas fuel it provides great versatility. No need to swap jets to swap fuels and easy to clean, this stove is low maintenance; ideal for multi-day trips year after year.

In cold weather, invert canisters for increased performance so even when the temps really drop you can still make yourself a brew. Designed to be able to withstand windy conditions in the harshest environments the pot sits low to the burner head with a low-profile and concave burner design that will protect the flame from the elements. Whether you're on epic missions or just like a meal with a view this lightweight, convenient high performing stove is just the ticket.

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total weight: 448g and body only: 225g, gas valve: 53g and fuel pump: 170g.

Superior wind resistance

a concave burner head guards the flame against the wind and a built-in windscreen gives ultimate protection.

Downward facing air intake

uninterrupted supply of air for improved combustion.

Easy-Care Jet

no need to remove jet for cleaning.

Dual Purpose Jet

one jet for either liquid or gas fuel and switching the fuel from gas to liquid is a breeze.

Inverted gas canister

for increased performance in colder temperatures.

Included in the Stormbreaker package

StormBreaker stove with smart pump, butterfly gas valve, heat shield base plate, carry case, and maintenance kit.

Fuel canister and fuel bottle

are not included but can be purchased separately.


Soto Stormbreaker Stove
Stove Fuel Type
Gas & Multifuel


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