ThirtyTwo thirtytwo 3XD Men's Snowboard Boots

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You’ll be boosting backcountry booters and pulling Müller methods with these boots in no time.

thirtytwo 3XD Men's Snowboard Boots thirtytwo 3XD Men's Snowboard Boots thirtytwo 3XD Men's Snowboard Boots
thirtytwo 3XD Men's Snowboard Boots


If you’ve ever seen Nico Müller ride, you’ll be dying to get your hands on anything that might help you ride the same. If you haven’t, you’re late to the party, look that style-master up. Created in his vision, the Mullair boots from ThirtyTwo are aimed at smooth sailing and effortless riding, with a medium flex for a combination of response and buttery fun. Packed full of cushioning for stomping big lands and featuring ThirtyTwo’s Tailored Lacing Technology to make sure the fit is good and snug. These boots are based upon Nicolas Müller’s last signature boots with Nike when they were still kicking about, and they were a hit.

If you’re after a pair of boots for ultimate steeze, get involved with this pair, the Mullair’s won’t disappoint. Just do it. 

The Best Bits

1:1 Lasting

True half sizes meaning you can get the best fit possible

Michelin Fiberlite Outsole

Giving lightweight traction

Energy Foam Cushioning

High rebound cushioning

Cushion Cup

For superior heel hold

Snow Guard

To keep snow where it should be, which isn’t in your boots


Fused overlay to keep your boots outer shell in working order for longer

3D Molded Tongue

Even Flex throughout the tongue for predictable, supportive and consistent flex

Elite Internal Harness

Reinforced harness built taller for ultimate support and heel hold

Tongue Tension+

For ultimate heel lock down

Tailored Lacing Technology

Hybrid instep lock down to boost performance and comfort

Articulated Cuff

Eliminates shell distortion, keeping your boots in good shape for longer

Performance Backstay

Giving enhanced spine support

Storm Shield

Which acts as an all weather seal

Heel Hold Kit

Inserts to really tailor your boots for perfect and personal heel hold

Recoil Flex Control

Moulded Toe Cap


thirtytwo 3XD Men's Snowboard Boots


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