Von Zipper Satellite Goggles

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An interstellar success in optical clarity from Von Zipper
Von Zipper Satellite Goggles
Von Zipper Satellite Goggles


An interstellar success in optical clarity from Von Zipper

A man-made object intentionally placed into mountainous orbit, the Satellite goggle from Von Zipper operates with an anti-fog, 6x4 toric, dual lens making it a fully operational, wide peripheral, low-profile observation unit, made for high altitudes. You'll maintain connection to the Earth with it's semi-rimless frame, made of thermo-polyurethane that is embedded with an internal light dampening texture for reduced glare as you circle the globe.

Superior comfort and performance

Triple density face foam added for moisture wicking and comfort, allows this aerial vehicle to be easily worn with or without a helmet in case of encountering space debris. Fly to the moon and back and win the space race in this celestial object.

Colour enhancing WildLife lens for maximum contrast

If you are looking for the ultimate in visual clarity in your goggle's optics, look no further. Our WildLife Lens is a contrast enhancement filter that dramatically improves colour brightness and contours in all lighting conditions, offering maximum definition, acuity and clarity in a way you have never experienced.

Blue light filtering

Von Zipper have developed these exclusive lenses to filter out specific blue light wavelengths to help you identify all of the obstacles, transitions and terrain variations in each run, providing sharpness and accurate vision so you can take your on-snow game to the next level.


Von Zipper Satellite Goggles
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