Gear Buying Guides

Buying a set of skis, a snowboard, surf or outdoor gear? Need a helping hand to make sense of the huge range of products available? Then you've come to the right place. Our buy guides take you through the styles we stock and the tech that goes into them, helping you to find the size and spec that you need in no time.


Ski buyer's guide

We'll cut through the jargon and show you the different styles, what they're best at, and which you need.

Ski size guide

Your style of riding, ability level and the type of ski all have an influence on the size you should buy, but let our size guide point you in the right direction.

Ski boot buyer's guide

A comfortable pair of boots can be the difference between your best and worst days on the hill - let us help you make the right choice.

Ski binding guide

Find the balance between performance and safety with our ski binding guide.


Snowboard buyer's guide

Do you know your freeride from your freestyle? Your camber from your sidecut? Allow us to guide you through.

Snowboard size guide

There's a lot of personal preference involved, but we can help you to narrow down the huge range of sizes available.

Snowboard boot guide

Buying boots online can be a tricky business - let us show you what to look out for.

Snowboard binding guide

They're all the same, right? Wrong! A good set of bindings is key to getting your set-up just right.