Women's Goggles

Welcome to the world of women’s goggles

As ladies who shred, you demand performance from your ski and snowboard gear – same as the guys do – but you also like to look good on the hill. The great thing about the huge range of women’s goggles and unisex models out there is that you don’t have to compromise on performance when it comes to finding the style that you want.

Between them, the top brands offer a huge array of frame designs, strap styles, colourways, lens tints and finishes – all with the combination of aesthetics and technology that you need to make sure you can look good and see even better, whatever happens.

At Freeze, we’re riders too. We know what makes a technical and good-looking set of goggles. We only stock products that we believe in and that we’d be happy to wear ourselves. So, whatever your style or budget, you’ll find the combination you’re looking for amongst our awesome range.

Be ready for anything

Whether you’re getting your turns down on the piste or hounding down powder fields in the backcountry, your women’s ski or snowboard goggles are key to making the most of your time in the mountains. They’re there to protect your eyes from the wind, snow and harmful rays first and foremost, but they should also work hard to boost contrast and detail, whatever the conditions.

The combination of different levels of light in a variety of snowy environments throws up a lot of different challenges for your goggles to cope with – whether you’re trying to pick out some fine detail between the direct sun and reflective featureless snow on a bluebird day, or you’re navigating yourself through the colourless void in a whiteout.

The fine detail your goggles pick out gives you the depth of vision you need to hit the features you want and avoid the obstacles you don’t. They do it by allowing through the amount of light and wavelengths that you need to see, while absorbing or reflecting away the stuff you don’t.  

A combination of tuned tints and high-contrast coatings boost detail and cut glare, giving you the clarity you need, but chances are, you’ll need more than one lens at hand. Most goggle lenses can only cater well for a specific range of light levels and conditions, so you’ll need to choose a quiver of easy-to-change options to get the clarity you need to tackle anything the mountain can throw at you.

At Freeze, we stock a huge range of women’s goggles and unisex models from brands like Oakley, Anon, Electric, Dragon, Scott and Smith so you can arm yourself with everything you need to keep your vision clear.

Comfort and clarity

Chosen the right look for your style? Picked a versatile set of lenses to nail all conditions? Sweet! Then the last thing to do is make sure that your they give you clarity all day long.

You’ll need clever venting solutions, to keep the air moving through and prevent condensation. After all, there’s no use in picking up the perfect set of goggles if they’re going to fog up at the drop of a hat. 

And with plenty of plush padding, they should sit right on your face. The right size and shape will sit perfectly between your helmet and your nose – any pinching or squeezing’s not going to be fun throughout a long day out slaying the piste – so don’t settle for second best.

Anything we can help with?

If you need some advice on what model to buy, or your not sure about the lenses to choose, look no further than our gear guides page. It’ll give you the lowdown on lenses from Oakley and Anon, with more guides being added all the time. 

If you’d rather chat to a real human being – no problem. Just get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team and we’ll be happy to help show you the way.