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Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard 2019

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Graeme Burress' signature cable-specific park wakeboard - built by one of the best
Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard 2019 Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard 2019
Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard 2019


Graeme Burress' signature cable-specific park wakeboard - built by one of the best

Hyperlite tasked Aaron Stumpf to create the next generation cable specific deck after he hit a home run with the original Union. Working with Graeme Burress, Aaron created the Wishbone, featuring an industry exclusive, The Air Stick Wood Core. Air Stick is a 100% bamboo wood core and is very durable. Strategic slots have been cut lengthwise throughout the core reducing weight while delivering a unique feel on features and super light feel in the air. The Power Press rocker line makes pressing a cinch and the Flat Nose Profile which allows you to lock in and feel features like no shape ever has. Slap an ABS Sidewall around the Wishbone and Hyperlite's Sintered Enduro Base and boom you have Hyperlite's most anticipated cable collective board to date!

Aaron Stumpf has a solid pedigree in board design and he's responsible for everything that goes into a Hyperlite board today. No wonder he and Rusty devised the Marek which earned multiple “Board of the Year” awards. You know you can trust this Wishbone.

The Best Bits

The best bits…

  • Exclusive AirStick Core begins with all- natural, grass fed Paulownia wood cores that have been raised without antibiotics or steroids. We take these happy little cores and machine them to the perfect tolerance, removing channels of unneeded material from tip to tail to create the lightest wood core option in the industry
  • Power Press exaggerated kick near the end of the board allows riders to lock into heavy nose and tail presses
  • Monocoque Construction integrates the top glass and the bottom glass into one. Generating a more durable board on side impacts to prevent delamination
  • Full ABS Sidewall used to build a stronger board. Impact protection is the goal behind ABS Sidewall Construction. Hyperlite's ABS Sidewalls will help you tackle any obstacle in the park without the fear of an edge delam
  • Layered fiberglass is available in 3 weights depending on the board. Over time, traditional woven glass fibres will separate. With layered glass every Hyperlite deck will have the same pop off the double up year after year
  • Sintered Enduro base material is the strongest, most durable running surface Hyperlite offer. The Sintered Enduro formula undergoes a process that creates a strong bond between particles, making the finished product nearly indestructible. This base option is the perfect choice for the cable park season pass holder
  • Flat Nose Profile for a superior press feel
  • Tip / Tail Single Concave for speed and grip
  • New Narrower Stance Width for quicker spins and rapid manoeuvrability
  • M6 Inserts are the universal standard


Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard 2019


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