Arbor Westmark Camber Snowboard 2020

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Arbor Westmark Camber Snowboard 2020
Arbor Westmark Camber Snowboard 2020


A freestyle-specific twin with blunted tips for increased surface area when taking off, landing, buttering, and pressing

A medium flex means you'll be able to easily lock into a nose press without sacrificing the stability and pop you need for bigger gaps in the park and on the mountain. A repeat winner of the TWS Good Wood Award in both Rocker and System Camber versions, The Arbor Westmark is guaranteed to satisfy any rider’s appetite whether you prefer the buttery ease of rocker or the rebound of camber.

The Best Bits

Hand Dyed Ash Powerply

Perpetuates Arbor’s clean wood aesthetics.

Bio-Plastic Topsheet

Made from CastorBean Oil, this eco-topsheet is extremely durable and water repellent.

FSC Certified Highland Core

Arbor's most versatile core, constructed with a 1:2 poplar to paulownia blend for super lightweight performance, durability, and return.

Sintered CrossLink Base

This new CrossLink base is a mid-density material that demonstrates increased speed and durability while maintaining the ease of repair.

Biax Glassing

A biax over biax lay-up that’s designed for park and street inspired all-mountain riding that also creates a good platform for learning.

2x4 14 Pack Inserts

Provide a wide stance range, while at the same time delivering critical micro adjustability.

Fully Wrappd Sidewall

A 360 degree, fully wrapped sidewall that eliminates the need for tip fill, while effectively tying the whole snowboard together.

Recycled Steel Edges

Highly durable, recycled steel edges embody two of Arbor’s key values: Quality and Sustainability.

Entropy Bio Resin

From 2020, all Powerplys and R.A.P. Topless Tech veneers will be made with Entropy Bio-Resin, a replacement for traditional petroleum-based resin that doesn’t affect performance or usability.

Three Year Warranty

Arbor stand behind the quality and construction of every Arbor snowboard with an extended 3-year warranty.

Wend Natural Wax

All Arbor Snowboards hit the shop floor ready to ride with Wend Natural Wax.

Factory Tuned

Arbor detune the tip and tail contact points on all of their snowboards for a catch-free ride before they leave the factory.


Arbor Westmark Camber Snowboard 2020


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