Tentsile Tree Protectors (3 Pack)

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Tentsile Tree Protectors (3 Pack)
Tentsile Tree Protectors (3 Pack)


Protect our precious trees with Tentsile's handy Tree Protectors

Let's face it, your tree tent puts a lot of force through the trees or whatever else you choose to suspend it from. Trees are awesome, they provide the oxygen that we breathe and eat up that nasty CO2. That's as good a reason as any to want to protect them.

Keep an eye on your outdoor impact and reduce where you can

The Tree Protector Straps from Tentsile put a weight displacing layer between the anchor webbing and bark's surface to leave zero impact on our leaf'ed friends.

There's nothing better to use with your Tentsile tent and protect trees than their own dedicated Tree Protectors.

Go on, grab a set, you know it makes sense!

The Best Bits

The best bits…

  • Available in packs of three to cover all anchor points
  • Made from super tough webbing for a bomb-proof tree connection
  • 2m / 6'6" length for bigger trees
  • 7.5cm / 3" width displaces stress evenly
  • Weight capacity: 50kN / 5 tons
  • Pack weight: 0.9kg / 2lbs


Tentsile Tree Protectors (3 Pack)


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