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About K2

K2 have a prestigious history in the world of snowsports, having started as “America’s ski manufacturer” over 50 years ago. Since then they’ve been at the forefront of innovation, developing an array of technologies which have refined the way the industry makes skis.

They’ve also branched out into other snowsport disciplines, lines of equipment and sports, to build up a formidable network of brands including the likes of Ride Snowboards, Line Skis and Full Tilt Boots.

K2 Skis

A huge range of innovative products

Of course, their own core K2 brand still has one of the most comprehensive lines of high quality skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, helmets, ski poles, backpacks and touring accessories. Each product is made with a dedication to quality that’s up there with the industry’s best.

Their continued technical innovation and the desire to evolve design is largely thanks to K2 having one of the largest teams of pro skiers and snowboarders in the industry. Each one feeding back into their collective bank of high level testing data.

K2 Snowboards

One of the very best

Here at Freeze, we’ve carried the K2 since our beginning, thanks to their progressive approach to the evolution of skiing and snowboarding. From all-mountain to big mountain and back country, K2 are there to help you explore more of what the mountain has to offer – and for that reason they continue to be one of our biggest and most popular ranges. 

Anything we can help with?

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