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About Line

Line skis have come a long way since pretty humble beginnings in 1995, when founder and product designer Jason Levinthal began making his brainchild – the Ski Board – out of his garage. Essentially, a tiny twin tip ski or mini snowboard for each foot, the Ski Board might not have taken off, but it showed the beginnings of a desire to change the direction of skiing and push forward with new ideas that’s still what drives Line Skis today.

Ideally placed to ride the wave at the start of the twin tip freeski revolution, Levinthal and Line quickly capitalised – building some of the most forward-thinking and influential early products, as well as developing a team of legendary riders.

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Team-driven since the early days

Their early pro team contained the likes of Eric Pollard, Kris Ostness, Skogen Sprang, Mike Nick, Dash Longe and Mike Wilson – all of them snapping up front pages in magazines across the globe while continuing to help Line develop a formidable range of skis that were universally loved by critics and riders alike.

Today, some of those riders are still there, having been joined by a new crop of the world’s top skiers. Each one is committed to helping Line stay ahead of the pack with new design techniques and innovations, which is one of the reasons that their range of skis, poles, outerwear, bags and soft goods is so successful.

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All about fun

Line have always been about fun. They started out with the aim of making skiing more fun, and through the likes of their hugely successful Travelling Circus video series, they’ve carried that ethos on. You can see it in their products too, with tongue-in-cheek names and playful graphics really helping to differentiate them from the rest.

If you wanna make skiing funner too, then shop Line skis today!

Still can’t decide?

If you need a little help to make sure you choose the right ski, check out our Ski Buyer’s Guide for the lowdown on what to look for and our Ski Size Guide, to make sure you get the right size. If you’re still not sure, or you’re straight up tired of reading and want to deal with a human, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.