Mons Royale Bandanas Facemasks

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Mons Royale is a fresh New Zealand based merino wool company that creats the most comfortable and warm thermal wear you could want! Using Merino wool as their main material, Mons Royale have created a product line that will fit like a dream and will keep you as warm as you can imagine no matter what conditions you may be faced with. Using designs that are simple and fun with bold vibrant colours, Mons Royale manufacture long sleeve shirts, base layers, long johns and undergarments that will keep you at the right temperature and looking good when you're out skiing or snowboarding on the mounatin! Mons Royale use the best materials at their disposal as well as the knowledge of their team to create a product that will not only look fresh but will most importantly keep your temperature regulated through breathable material. If you’re looking to keep warm yet be stylish, make sure you look at the Mons Royale range!