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About Mons Royale 

Established in 2009 in the Lake Wanaka region of New Zealand, Mons Royale produces multipurpose merino wools that deliver both technical performance and style. Their philosophy is that merino wools shouldn’t look out of place at the après – they should look good in their own right. With that ethos, Mons has created a line of warm, distinctly stylish thermals and accessories that offer all the benefits of the 100% New Zealand merino wool they’re made from, but also look great.

Mons Royale Merino Wool Layers, Clothing, and Accessories

Why Mons Royale? It’s simple - the merino wool.

Mons Royale’s merino has the natural ability to keep you warm when you’re cold, and cools you off when you get too hot. 100% merino wool products boast superior insulation and breathability thanks to the natural crimping of the ultra-fine fibres. 

This crimping helps you to regulate your body temperature, by allowing airflow during periods of intense activity. It’s also great at wicking away moisture and cooled sweat from your skin, helping to stop the clammy build up that can happen with other fabrics. 

Merino also has natural anti-bacterial properties that help to prevent odour build up. The fibre structure of the wool locks bacteria away, only releasing it when it’s wash time, which means your Mons Royale thermals won’t smell for the après ski.

Merino fibres are also much finer than traditional wool, giving them a soft finished feel against the skin. By providing proper insulation and allowing your skin to breathe, Mons Royale’s merino is the perfect layering material to wear for the mountain sports we all love. 

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We dig Mons Royale’s stylish looks and warm, comfortable feel.

What sets Mons apart from other brands using merino wool? It’s the look. They understand that even though their clothing has the technical benefits of merino, it still needs to be something you’d wear on a regular basis.

Mons Royale’s line of merino wool hoodies, t-shirts and long sleeves gives you functional color selections, stylish logos, progressive fits and the merino wool shine that lasts longer than synthetic competitors. The same goes for their awesome thermals, beanies, one-pieces, underwear, gloves and socks. Whatever you choose, you’ll get the same smooth-feeling warmth and breathability of 100% New Zealand merino wool.

We’re big fans of Mons Royale at Freeze, we rock their stuff, and we can guarantee that they look and feel just as great when you’re ripping the slopes during the day, as they do later when you’re bragging about those turns in the bar.

Need a little help?

Mons make some of the best layers out there, but if you're not quite sure how to build up a do-it-all system of clothing for all conditions then check out our Outerwear and Layering Guide.

If there's anything else you're unsure about or just want to speak to a real human being, that's cool too - just get in touch and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help.