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About The North Face

The 1960s in San Francisco were a special time. Movements of culture, politics and love were taking place in the Bay Area and at the same time, many people who were involved in those movements were also avid outdoor enthusiasts, looking for gear to take climbing in the mountains. 

Doug and Susie Tompkins thought they could get more people outdoors enjoying nature and wanted to meet the demands of their friends, who were climbing on a regular basis, so the couple opened a shop in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood and called it The North Face. After one of the most difficult climbs on the Eiger Mountain in Switzerland.

Over 50 years later, The North Face has become one of the most recognizable outdoor brands on earth. The Yosemite National Park-inspired half-dome logo is a sign of durability and design and that few companies can match. The brand’s extensive product range of gear, clothing, footwear, bags and accessories are each considered to be a standard for quality in whichever outdoor setting they’re seen in. 

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A History of Exploration

In 1968, Kenneth ‘Hap’ Klopp bought The North Face and shifted the brand’s focus from retail to a manufacturer of outdoor clothing and equipment in a small factory in Berkeley, CA. Demand for this quality apparel and equipment grew rapidly, and the company began to sponsor expeditions to extreme and far-away locations to test their product, solidifying itself as a leader in outdoor R&D and cutting edge design in the harshest conditions on the planet. 

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, The North Face increased its line further, to offer everything from warm knitted beanies for wearing around town, to sleeping bags and tents for those sub-zero climbing trips. By the 2000s, they’d hit the mainstream, and despite the continued manufacturing and design for extreme conditions, the brand became the symbol of quality all over the world that it is today.

The North Face Now

The North Face wouldn’t be where they are now without constant innovation, research, development and feedback from the best mountain sports athletes in the world. The company has the assets and athletes to be able to push the boundaries and create the best possible product to survive and thrive in extreme conditions.

Always looking to improve on the design of their product The North Face are never afraid to redesign old favorites with better materials for a superior fit, function or improved durability.

The North Face Clothing, Outerwear and Duffel Bags

Freeze and The North Face

At Freeze, we carry a range of The North Face’s famous duffel bags and backpacks, as well as an awesome line of their clothing, sleeping bags, accessories and slippers, to keep you warm and dry in the crazy places we all love to visit. 

Much like the extreme climb the brand was named after, The North Face continues to cater for those who like to push the limits – but don’t worry if you’re not scaling mountains, they’ll do a great job around town too.

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