K2 Wildheart Women's Snowboard 2019

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For the wild at heart there's the K2 Wildheart
K2 Wildheart Women's Snowboard 2019 K2 Wildheart Women's Snowboard 2019
K2 Wildheart Women's Snowboard 2019


For the wild at heart there's the K2 Wildheart

The Wildheart Women's specific snowboard from K2 takes inspiration from the funky, floaty shapes we've seen emerge over from K2's workshop over the past few years. It throws together aspects of the Cool Bean and Party Platter in a truly All-Mountain style board. Aside from your standard A-M ability to charge hard and lay in a killer carve, the Wildheart adds oodles of fun and a surfy feel to your ride.

Shorter, wider, and fully geared to surf the white wave

Shorter and wider than your standard snowboard, the K2 Wildheart will bring you one step closer to freeride nirvana. Using K2's ICG 10 Biax Glass with Carbon and Carbon Torque Forks, the Wildheart' provides next level response that will improve your riding.

The vital stats…

  • Fiberglass: BIAX ICG10 Carbon Glass
  • Base Material: Sintered
  • Ability Level: Intermediate/Advanced - Expert
  • Inserts: 2x4
  • Flex Rating: 5 of 5 on K2's Rating Scale
  • Riding Style: All Mountain

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The Best Bits

The best bits…

  • Built with K2's Directional Camber for insane down-the-line stability
  • Responsive ICG Biax Glass with Carbon
  • Directional boardshape - fast going forward but not excellent switch (you can give it a good go though)
  • Carbon Torque Forks
  • Rhythm Core is designed for the mechanics of female snowboarders
  • Sintered 4000 base absorbs the slippy-stuff for a smooth ride


K2 Wildheart Women's Snowboard 2019
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