Rome Artifact Snowboard 2020

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Rome Artifact Snowboard 2020
Rome Artifact Snowboard 2020


The OG

Before 'park boards' was something you could filter a search by, before 'rocker' set the world on fire, and before flexing for the gram was a thing — the Rome Artifact was out late, hustling in generator-lit streets. Before hashtags, before clout, before influencers and before Real Snow parts, the Artifact was a statement. It was the voice of Kids on Shred who didn’t want a stiff-flexing all-mountain board; they wanted a fun-loving, jib everything board that stood for something, rather than running from everything. Get ready to FEAST, cause dinner is served.

The Best Bits

HiBeam tech - Straight Edge

Impact base

Rebound sidewalls

Skatecore profiling

Glasspack impact plates

Stomp core

StraightBiax laminate


Rome Artifact Snowboard 2020


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