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Oakley has been innovating the sports products we use and the way we see the world for over 40 years. Today we all know Oakley for their Sunglasses, Eyewear and ski and snowboard Goggles, however that’s not where they initially started.

In 1975 Jim Jannard came up with the idea to create a motorcycle handlebar grip that was ergonomic and very grippy using a rubber material that made the grips stickier with sweat or when wet. Following its success, Jim felt that the logical approach was to innovate another important product, the motocross goggle, and the O-Frame MX goggle was born. The riders and Pro’s loved it as it offered a wide and deep peripheral view with exceptionally sharp vision using flexible materials that also looked great.

Following the success of the O-Frame Goggle, Oakley quickly launched a range of sunglasses designed specifically for different sports and expanded their range of goggles for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, BMX and also motocross. Suddenly Oakley and the famous O was everywhere and it was definitely the brand to be seen in.

What Jim Jannard did to set Oakley apart however, was to work closely with the team of athletes to continue to push the boundary of what was possible and by using innovative technology in every thing they designed, it ensures that every product they produce is cutting edge and enhances the enjoyment of the sport and improves the skiers, snowboarders, surfers and cyclist vision and performance when they are pushing thier performance.

Oakley’s innovations are a key part of the success of Oakley’s performance. High Definition Optics (HDO), is a key basis for which all their performance sunglass and many of their Goggles lenses are made with. HDO lenses optimize safety are produce the clearest sharpest vision by reducing the refraction, or bend, that a badly made lens can create therefore distorting what you can see. By using Oakley’s Plutonite lens material, not only are they able to shape the lens to match your ocular shape of the eye, but it also filters out 100% of all harmful UV rays as well as providing a protection barrier that can stop a flying object from hitting your eye and the material doesn’t shatter or splinter either.

New technology that has been developed specifically for skiers and snowboarders are Prizm lenses. Prizm is a new Oakley lens technology that fine tunes your vision for contrast and colour, enabling you to see the terrain, snow and sky with better detail and clarity. Prizm lenses optimize the colour lens tints and filters out the negative background noise that is often visible. Rather than just darkening the light as many ski or snowboard Sunglasses or Goggles do, Oakley’s Prizm lenses tune to colour balance allowing you to see much more in whiter conditions that you experience in the mountains and on snow. Prizm is the base lens material colour which is different to Oakley’s Polarized or Iridium coatings. Oakley’s Iridium is a lens coating that filters the amount of light being transmitted through to your eyes, depending on the type/colour of Iridium coating. To see our Oakley Goggles lens guide click here. Oakley’s Polarized coating reduces the glare that can be produced by the sun often specifically intensified when the light bounces off water or snow. By developing Prizm, Iridium and Polarized technology for their sunglass and goggle lenses, Oakley has created a range of options that improve your visual clarity no matter the conditions.

With the same commitment to quality and innovation in their technical outerwear for skiing and snowboarding, owning an Oakley product, whatever it is, is to understand the importance of performance, design and quality – and once you own one you'll never go back. At Freeze we've stocked Oakley products since day one and we offer the largest range of Oakley ski and snowboard Goggles in the UK and stock replacement lenses for every goggle model we stock including the Prizm lenses

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