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About Planks

Launched in 2007, Planks are a relative newcomer to the world of ski outerwear and clothing. The brand is the brainchild of Jim Adlington – a former pro skier who saw there was a gap in the market for freeride and freestyle-specific clothing and outerwear. Adlington had a vision for an apparel brand that represented the newschool generation’s aesthetics and fit, and he aimed to make the products that skiers like him and his friends would want to wear.

Over 10 years on, Planks collections are now staple products at many core ski shops across Europe and North America. In that time, the brand has stayed true to its freeski roots – producing some of the most stylish and sought after ski clothing, accessories and technical outerwear in the industry.

A Two Planker’s History 

Jim Adlington grew up in the U.K. and witnessed the rise of freestyle skiing on the rugged British dryslope scene, before relocating to the fresh pow of the Alps to ski full time. Experiencing life at these two very different ends of the skiing spectrum allowed Jim to see the need for a different kind of affordable and durable outerwear product. One that wouldn’t rip after one fall on a rainy dryslope park, but would keep you warm on a mountain chairlift and looking super fresh in that backcountry booter photo session.

Adlington saw a lot of the newschool skiers of the time wearing snowboard outerwear, and watched on as numerous brands tried to attract the new generation, but couldn’t stick around in the industry. He started Planks to appeal to what the core skiers that he rode with actually wanted – the styles and cuts that they would wear on and off the mountain.

100% skiing and all about fun

The clothing and outerwear Planks make, like skiing itself, is all about fun. Planks stuff is colourful, with bold slogans and unique designs. It sticks out for all the right reasons, like a stylish trick on a street rail or a switch landing in the backcountry, and that’s the way they like it.

Today, Planks remains 100% focused on skiing and haven’t even tried branching out to other winter sport markets. With that focus, a stacked team of skiers like British-born James Woods, and a slogan like #DropCliffsNotBombs, it’s clear what Planks are all about. 

Planks X Freeze

Here at Freeze we’re big fans of Planks. In a relatively short space of time they’ve successfully created a range of products that are technically-advanced, super-stylish and affordable – and that’s not an easy combination to pull off. 

When you pick up a piece of Planks outerwear or clothing, you’re buying a brand that’s owned, operated and designed by the skiers who wear and test it on a regular basis. They’re proudly British, 100% skiing, and they’re going to be here for the long haul. Planks – we salute you!

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