Rome Snowboards

Since the creation of Rome Snowboards in 2001, Freeze Pro Shop has been a proud stockist. We immediately felt that we shared a common goal in looking at an existing industry, picking out the best bits, and making it better again. Rome have always been uncompromising in their approach to the manufacture and design of their snowboards, but gladly take on the input from team riders, reps, shop kids and first time snowboarders too. This allows them to develop snowboards for every level of rider, snowboards that grow with you and always perform.

Their range has grown to include a board for nearly every occasion – you can kick off your snowboard career on the Rome Factory Rocker, a forgiving board that will cover you from first turns on piste to first slashes when it snows and your first park laps too. Depending on which way you choose to go after that, you could arm yourself with a Rome Artifact or a Hammerhead, and dedicate yourself to the slaughter of park and jib features. If you want to do a bit of everything at a high level – pick up a Rome Agent or a Mod or an Anthem, and all mountain domination will be well within your sights. If the resort becomes all too much, then pick up a Rome Whiteroom split board, and leave it all behind…. The moral of the story? Rome Snowboards make some of the best boards in the business, as countless awards will tell you, but better than that – ask someone that has one, they will tell you the same!