The End of Season 2019 Surf Sale

The End of Season 2019 Sale: up to 60% off this season’s best surf equipment

The Freeze End of Season 2019 Surf Sale is on. This season has seen some all-time swell around the coasts of Scotland, so all our kit has taken a serious beating. It’s around this time that we’re starting to consider replacing the battered 5mm that’s long since kept us cosy in the line-up. But consider no more, our range of current season surf apparel and wetsuits is built to bring the best of top brands right to your doorstep with free delivery!

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Here at Freeze, we believe it’s important to make sure you’re kitted out with the best equipment to keep you comfortable, cosy and safe while you surf. If you’re one that runs hot and likes to keep the wetsuit thin, or if your temperature drops when you’re in the water, then we’ve got a suitable range of suits to keep you happy at any time of year. With spring around the corner make sure you’ve got the right wetsuit for the line-up.

Premium surf accessories 

Make sure your quiver is in prime nick for the incoming swell. Get set up with a new fin set or stock up on surf wax with our End of Season 2019 Surf Sale. There’s huge savings on fins, leashes, tail pads and surf wax to keep you ripping when the next set arrives. Top up the stocks now for up to 60% off on essential surf equipment. 

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Not sure what you’re after? Can’t see what you want? No problem! Get in contact with our fully qualified customer service team for up-to-date info on the best surf equipment. If you’d prefer a good read to get yourself acquainted with the wonderful world of surf equipment then check out our Patagonia Wetsuit Buying Guide, Wetsuit Buying Guide  or Surf Fins Buying Guide.