Skiing isn’t just about getting to the top of a mountain and seeing how fast you can get to the bottom – it’s much more than that. There are all sorts of ways in which you can exhibit your skills and if you are the type of skier that prefers a little more adventure, then there aren’t much better ways to do this than backcountry riding. There’s something naturalistic about exploring the unknown, as you travel across the beaten tracks and endless plains of countryside, but this is an altogether different experience to ‘traditional’ skiing and as such you will need to equip yourself accordingly.

Fortunately, the team here at Freeze have got you covered with our range of backcountry supplies including shovels, handsaws transceivers that are designed to give you a helping hand on your travels. All of our equipment is built to last, so you can rest assured and focus on the challenges you might encounter while going through the backcountry.