Ski Gifts

Ski gifts for men and ski gifts for women

Whether you're shopping for a birthday, Christmas, or some other special occasion, we’ve got a great range of gifts for skiers. In this selection, we’ve picked out gift ideas at a range of price points that won’t break the bank. So, if your friend or loved-one likes to ski, and you’re struggling for inspiration to find that perfect skiing gift – don’t stress – we’ve got you covered.

Choosing gifts for ski lovers

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a skier, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some are very ski-specific – the sorts of gear that are essentials for skiing or heading off on a ski holiday. Other gift ideas are more general – stuff that anyone might like – but products that come from recognised ski and outdoor brands, so they’re a safe bet for the ski lover in your life.

Ski-specific gifts

There are heaps of ski-specific gifts that will be perfect for your friend or loved-one when they’re out on the hill, enjoying the sport that they love. These are probably the sorts of things you might not immediately think of if you’re not a skier yourself. Here are some of the top categories you should look out for and what’s great about them…


Ski and snowboard goggles are a winter essential for any snow-lover. They keep your vision clear, whatever the conditions, while protecting you from the adverse effects of wind and snow in the eyes. It’s useful to think about the weather conditions that your friend will be skiing in – for early season trips, where the weather may be overcast, choose a more transparent lens, or for late season trips, when it’s more likely to be sunny, choose a darker lens. There are still some pretty good all-round lenses, and many goggles come with a spare, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.


Gloves are another essential bit of kit for any day on the hill. Roughly they’re divided into gloves, mitts or liners. Gloves have the fingers free to move. These are best for giving you dexterity to use your hands, but can be less effective in really cold conditions. Mitts are better for extreme cold, or for people who feel the cold, but they’re not great if you need to use your hands too much. Liners are a great option for wearing around town on their own or adding much needed warmth to a pair of regular gloves.

Ski Socks

Every skier knows, you can’t be skiing in your average cotton everyday socks – hell no! Ski socks are usually constructed of synthetic fibres or a technical natural fibre like merino wool. These fibres provide more warmth while wicking moisture away from the skin more effectively, keeping the feet dry and toasty throughout a long day on the hill. If your pal runs cold, or they’ll be spending more time on the lift, a thicker sock is better. For ski-tourers or those that run hotter, a thinner sock is better.


Okay, so you can see, your hands and feet are warm – but what about the rest of you? Yeah, the rest of the body needs a good base layer to keep you warm and wick away sweat. As with Ski Socks, cotton is the enemy – that’s why all our technical base layers and thermals are made of synthetic fibres, or natural stuff like wool, merino or bamboo. Synthetic is more hard-wearing than merino, and better for wicking sweat during high-output activities like ski touring. Merino delivers more warmth, feels great, and has anti-bacterial properties which mean you can wear it for longer without it smelling. This is great if you’re all staying together in a chalet for an extended period – trust us on that one!

General gifts for skiers

Of course, your friend or loved-one might be all set for their ski-specific kit, equipment and accessories. Well, don’t fret! There are plenty of other alternatives, more general stuff, that the skier in your life will love. While these examples aren’t the most exciting or original, they’re still great gift ideas and all come from brands that skiers will know and love.

Everyday Socks

We all love the snow, but we’re not out on it all the time. The humble sock is a Christmas classic, and works well as a gift at any time of year. We’ve got a great selection of everyday socks from premium brands like Stance. Sure, they’re at a bit of a higher price-point than the multi-packs you pick up at the supermarket – but when you try a pair on you’ll know where the difference lies. They look awesome and they feel luxurious. The team here at Freeze would be absolutely elated to receive a set of quality socks any day of the week.

Boxers & underwear

Again, another Christmas classic that’s always great to receive, whatever the occasion. We’ve got technical boxers and underwear in synthetic fibres or merino, which are great for wearing to ski out on the hill, or we’ve got classic cotton numbers, in wicked designs from unique and interesting brands.


You might need these to hold your ski pants up, or maybe they’re a fashion piece for wearing around town. Whatever it may be, a quality belt can make a great gift that any skier will love. We’ve got some great examples from ski-specific brands and streetwear brands that your skier is bound to love.

Water Bottles

If the skier in your life really loves their sport, they probably care about protecting the environment that all outdoor enthusiasts cherish. Chances are, they’re taking steps to minimise the impact that they have on our playgrounds, from the mountains to the oceans and everywhere in between. One way that we can help to reduce pollution and keep plastic from our oceans is to help reduce our reliance on single-use plastics. A good quality water bottle or flask can travel anywhere with you, helping to prevent you having to use a disposable cup, mug or pot, to enjoy a snack or beverage while you’re out and about. Give the gift of a brighter future with a reusable water bottle!

Need any help?

Those are just a few of our suggestions for ski gifts for him and for her. Have a dig through and find something that they're bound to love. If you're struggling though, don't be afraid to get in touch and ask one of our friendly and helpful shred geeks what they might love!