Ski Goggles

Explore our range of ski goggles

Whether you’re cruising the piste or charging the backcountry, in blazing bright sun or dull flat light, your skiing goggles are an essential piece of kit. They’re there to protect your eyes against the wind, snow and harmful rays, to enhance the contrast and detail in whatever light there is, and well… let’s face it… they’re there to look good too.

Make sure you’re ready for anything

Whatever conditions you find yourself in, there will be challenges in the combination of light and snow – whether you’re trying to pick up some detail between blinding bright sun and highly reflective featureless snow on a bluebird day, or you’re lost in a void of grey trying to pick out what features there are to see in a whiteout.

Ski goggle lenses tend to be tuned to certain types and levels of light, aimed at use in certain ranges of conditions, so chances are you’ll need to build up a quiver of lenses to get the clarity you need to tackle anything the mountain can throw at you.

At Freeze, we stock a huge range of skiing goggles from brands like Oakley, Anon, Electric, Dragon, Scott and Smith so you can find a versatile set with a choice of easy-to-replace lenses. Choose from different tuned base tints and reflective coatings to maximise contrast and eliminate glare, whatever happens.

See great and look even better

It’s no secret that most of us like to look good when we ride. We’re just as drawn by a ski’s graphics as we are by its spec, and we choose a jacket just as much for its colour as the weather it can withstand. Goggles, of course, are no different.

Luckily for you, another benefit of our massive range is that you’re sure to find the combination of performance and good looks to match your style and your budget.

Choose a bold frame with contrasting straps, or a sleek frameless look with complimentary straps. Go for a bright reflective lens to really stand out, or keep it dark and mysterious for a stealthy look. The possibilities are virtually endless.

We’re all keen skiers and snowboarders at Freeze, and we only stock quality products that we believe in, so whatever look you’re after, you’ll find the perfect combination amongst our range.

Stay clear and comfortable all day long

Once you’ve got the right look for your style, and a versatile set of lenses for all conditions, you need to make sure that your goggles will give you comfort and clarity all day long.

With plush padding, they should sit right on your face, and their size and shape should match perfectly with your helmet and your nose. Any rubbing, pinching or squeezing’s gonna get old pretty quickly.

Likewise make sure that your venting’s on point – there’s no use in picking up the perfect set of goggles if they’re going to fog up at the drop of a hat. 

Need some help to choose?

If you need any more advice on what to buy, look no further than our gear guides page. It’ll give you the lowdown on lenses from Oakley and Anon, with more guides being added all the time. 

If you’d rather deal with a real human being, that’s cool too. Just get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team and we’ll be happy to help show you the way.