Snowboarding Gifts

Snowboarding Accessories Gifts

So, you’re looking for a gift for that special shred fan in your life. Well, look no further – we’ve got a huge selection of snowboarding gifts for him and for her, from on-the-hill essentials to more standard stocking fillers from brands that they’ll know and love. While snowboarding can be an expensive sport at times, luckily there are plenty of gift options to choose from at a whole range of price points, from the cheapo Secret Santa effort to more extravagant offerings.

If you’re not a snowboarder yourself, don’t worry, we’re here to guide you towards the perfect present. In this page we’ve presented the sorts of gear that’s a safe bet – nothing that requires you to know too much intimate detail in terms of the sizes or specs that your friend or loved-one might need or require. 

The gift ideas break down roughly into two main categories. Firstly, there are shred-specific items, the sorts of things you might not immediately think of if you’re not a skier or snowboarder yourself. Secondly, there are classic gifts, the sort that anyone might give or receive at Christmas or any other time of year, but they’re from snow-related brands that are likely to resonate and be recognised by someone in the know.

Here are a few of the categories you should look out for…

Snowboard-specific gifts

Whether they’re heading away on a holiday soon, or they just love to ride all year round, there are certain essential bits of kit that anyone will need for a day on the hill. These ideas are at the lower end of the spending scale, presuming that you’re not going to go the whole hog and buy them a new board or set of boots or bindings.

Snowboard Goggles

Whether you’re charging down the mountain or playing in the park, visibility is key. Goggles are the answer to keeping your vision clear, improving contrast, allowing you to see more detail in the snow and keeping your eyes protected from wind and spindrift. They’re a bit of a fashion accessory too, of course, like any good pair of sunglasses. So, technical functionality and looks are almost equally important. Luckily, with our selection, you can’t go far wrong, and you’re sure to find a style that’ll suit.

Snowboarding Gloves

Gloves are another on-hill essential that it’s hard to overlook. Conditions can be brutal in the mountains, and the right pair of gloves is a gift that will gain you any number of thanks when the temperature drops. Generally speaking, they’re divided into gloves and mitts. Gloves have all the fingers separate, which makes easy manipulation of your kit – something that any snowboarder will tell you is important, with all that lacing up and strapping in and ratcheting on and off. The drawback is that there’s more surface area to release the cold, which is why, generally speaking, mitts are a bit warmer and better for colder conditions. Some are stealthy, others are outrageous – there’s something to suit any style.

Thermals & Base Layers

Without the right base layer on, you’re liable to have a hard day on the hill. It’s the foundation on which your whole system of layers is built. It traps warm air next to the skin, keeping you warm, while wicking sweat away from your body to prevent it from cooling again. Synthetic fibres are generally a bit cheaper, and they’re perfect for high-output sweaty activities because they are more effective at transporting sweat than the likes of merino and other natural fibres. On the other hand, Merino and natural fibres are generally warmer, and merino in particular is less likely to smell after a few days. That anti-bacterial wizardry is more than welcome when we’re all crammed into the same chalet for a week – on that you can rely.

Snowboard Socks

Everyone knows that socks make a great gift – at Christmas or any other time of year. But don’t be fooled into thinking that any old sock will do for snowboarding – hell no! As with base layers, cotton is the enemy – it holds onto sweat, absorbing it rather than wicking it – meaning that you get soggy and cold super quick. Synthetics or merino are much better fabrics, delivering warmth, sweat wicking performance and comfort in equal measure. Thicker isn’t always better though, so think about the type of snowboarder that your friend or loved-one is. If they’re sitting on chairlifts all day or they feel the cold easier, a thicker sock will deliver more insulation. If they don’t feel the cold so much or if they’re touring or hiking the pipe, a thinner sock will be better.

General gift ideas

If you’re not confident buying a gift specifically for the mountain, there are plenty of traditional bits that’ll do the trick. Here are a few of our favourites…

Beanies and Caps

If you’ve ever hung out with a group of skiers or snowboarders, particularly out in resort, you’ll have noticed the prevalence of, what we in Scotland might term, “bunnets”. Beanies, hats and caps are everywhere! A wardrobe essential that’s as much a part of the uniform as it is about keeping your head warm. To be fair, once you’ve spent a long day with your head in a helmet or hat on the hill, you’d be well to keep that hat-hair hidden when you head to the après.


Not just for holding your pants up, a nice belt can elevate an outfit on or off the hill. Always a solid gift idea in anyone’s book. We’ve got a diverse range in webbing, leather or elastic, suitable for any style.


The Christmas classic, a pair of boxer shorts is a great gift for any man. We’ve brought together some of the biggest brands in butt-coverage for your perusal. Some styles are synthetic or merino – perfect for a long day on the hill. Others are cotton – ideal for the street. Whatever they’re made of, they pretty much look exclusively awesome, so you can hardly go wrong. We’ve got chicks’ styles too, so they’re not just the perfect snowboarding gift for him!

Need any help?

Okay, so, after all that, if you’re still not sure what to go for, get in touch. We’ve got a team of keen shred heads who all share a common love of giving and receiving gifts. They’ll have given and received more shred-related gifts than you’ve had hot dinners over the years, so give us a shout and let us point you in the right direction.