Snowboarding Goggles

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Let’s face it, snowboarding goggles look cool. Sick, rad, awesome – whatever you want to call them – find the right pair and they make you look good! Whatever your style there’s a frame, strap and lens combination out there for you. 

Rock a bold frame or go fully frameless, match your strap to your frame or contrast it up, choose a full-on reflective tint or something dark and stealthy – the possibilities are endless. We stock a huge range of snowboard goggles from the likes of Oakley, Anon, Dragon, Electric, Smith and Scott, so you can find the combination that works.

Look good. See good.

Of course, you don’t just need a set of goggles that look the part – they’re a hugely important part of your snowboarding setup. They can make the difference between good day and bad, between sticking a trick and ending up in the hospital, between slashing through trees or running into one – so it’s super important to choose a pair that works.

We’re all riders here at Freeze, so we know what it takes to make a great goggle and combination of lenses. We’ve hand-picked the range to give you the combination you need to slay all conditions.

The right lens for the right light

The devil is in the detail. When there’s too much light on a bright day or not enough when it’s flat, your choice of goggle lens can make a real difference to the contrast you perceive. Those subtle differences between light and dark, the shadows that give depth to your surroundings are what helps you to hit the obstacles you want to and avoid the ones you don’t. 

No one lens will ever excel in all conditions, so you need to choose a system that’s easy to change and a quiver of lenses to suit every situation.

Each type of light has its own challenges and it’s up to your lenses to protect you from the light you don’t need while enhancing the light you do. Lenses are targeted to different conditions and tuned to different lights so with the right system you’ll never be let down, whatever happens.

Stay comfortable and fog free

Things can change in an instant in the mountains and you need to be ready for anything all day long. That’s why you need to choose a snowboard goggle that’s comfy to wear, well ventilated for fog-riding, with quick-change lenses for when things switch up. Whatever your budget, you’ll find the right goggle at Freeze,

Need a little help?

If you need some advice on what to buy, look no further. Our gear guides page gives you the lowdown on lenses from Oakley and Anon, with more guides being added all the time. 

If you’d rather deal with a real human being, that’s cool too. Just get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team and we’ll be happy to help show you the way.