Surfing is easily one of the most demanding sports you can partake in and it requires your full attention, otherwise you could end up in a serious incident. There are a number of forces at play that can be detrimental towards your performance, such as crashing waves, freezing cold conditions and unpredictable weather, so in order to maintain your concentration you will need the proper equipment. Here at Freeze we like to put your safety first and with our range of men’s wetsuits we are confident that this can be achieved.

Designed using the latest in waterproofing technologies which are aimed at keeping you warm and dry, we have chosen a range of wetsuits from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers so you can be sure you have a product that you can rely on. The ocean can be a treacherous environment, but with a little helping hand you can manipulate it to your advantage – which is why we stock nothing but the best at Freeze.