Touring Skis

Go further with our touring skis

Touring skis give you the freedom to get out of bounds and away from the piste, to explore the wilderness under your own steam. Choose a set of touring bindings and attach some climbing skins to your and you can climb slopes or travel long distances cross country very efficiently.

Minimal weight with maximum performance

Ski touring is all about keeping weight down for the climb, without compromising on downhill. Depending on where you’re heading and how long you’re going to be out there, you need to choose the balance of weight versus performance that suits your needs. 

The waist width compromise

One of the first areas of compromise with a touring ski is often the waist width. You’d normally want a wider waist for maximum downhill enjoyment, but wider skis come with more weight and can be harder to break a trail with, so riders often choose a touring ski that’s narrower than their uplift-assisted gravity option might be.

Straighter sidecuts for safer traversing

Straighter sidecuts and larger turning radii are an obvious choice to give you more stability and speed for those flat-out descents, but they’ll also give you a more stable platform and extra grip for traversing icy slopes and exposed areas.

Choose the best binding for your riding style

Most touring skis are compatible with any binding on the market, but touring bindings are the obvious choice for most customers. If you’re most interested in weight savings and fast ascents choose a lightweight hike-first binding, if you’re more of a freeride monster – shooting steep gullies and dropping cliffs – go for a beefier ski-first model.

Look out for specialist skis with compatible skins

At Freeze, we stock a lot of touring-specific skis that feature notches at the nose and tail to make it easier to attach your climbing skins. Some brands even offer factory-made skins that exactly match their touring skis, but any skin style or brand – as long as it’s been appropriately sized and cut – will fit your chosen ski.

Need a little help to choose?

If you’re not sure exactly what type of ski you need, or what mix of width, sidecut, profile and flex to look for, check out our Ski Buyer’s Guide. Our Ski Size Guide is there to help you choose the right size too.

We’ve got some really keen ski tourers and splitboarders on the team too, so if you’ve got any questions we’d be happy to help – just get in touch today.