Wakeboard Bindings

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There’s nothing more critical than the locked-in security of a bomber wakeboard binding.  Make sure your setup is tailored to your style with our selection on open and closed-toe, lace, quick-pull, Velcro or hinge system boots and bindings. 

From soft to stiff – a flex for all

The snugger the fit, the more control. Your drive, power and turn initiation all need a direct and unhindered connection between you, and your board. Some riders like the locked-in performance of a stiffer flexing binding, whilst some prefer a more forgiving, and softer flexing ride for tweaks, bones, butters and tricks.

Make sure the boot fits. It’s critical that you’re wakeboard bindings fit your feet. Different brands offer a variety of widths and sizes, so you’ll have no problem catching the right kit. Shop brands like Ronix, Hyperlite and Liquid Force

Can we offer some assistance?

Not sure what you're looking for in the right wakeboard boot/binding setup? The wonderful world of wakeboarding can be confusing at times. Making sure your setup is spot-on is essential so, if you want to know more, just get in touch and we'll be happy to talk you through our range.